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Welcome to Bahamas Beauty School and Fifth Avenue School of Modeling



Welcome to Fifth Avenue Beauty School of Modeling!

We are proud of our organization, our reputation and the outstanding individuals throughout the organization who eagerly contribute to our success.

 Fifth Avenue Marketing & Modeling Agency, was founded in 1989 as an event planning service specifically for the arts, fashion and entertainment industry. In 1996, Bahamas Fashion Week began as an avenue for Bahamian designers and talented artist to express their work.

Fifth Avenue Marketing and Modeling Agency gives inside exposure via television and broadcast media designed to showcase models, designers, artists and talent from cinema actors to musicians. The goal of Bahamas Fashion Week is to allow viewers to learn more about these models, designers and artist they may not have known prior to the fashion shows and interviews.

Our dedication primarily is to produce events allowing these models, designers and artists with talent the opportunity to showcase and raise funds for their own projects within the community. Although we are committed to art and entertainment individuals, Fifth Avenue Marketing assists in promoting new resorts, movies, products and other production services.

Our latest proposed project this Summer, is Bahamas Beauty & Accessories Expo…

Kevin Strakan is our Master Educator and has been in the fashion industry and beauty business for over 30 years as a multi-media and multi-cultural make-up artist that has afforded him a clientele that reads like a “Who’s Who” list from Hollywood Movie Stars to New York City‘s High Society.

A bit of a celebrity himself, Kevin has made personal appearance on various Style Networks and local stations here in Nassau and abroad, Bahamas @ Sunrise, JCN and Cable Bahamas. He also had a few B roll movie scenes in “After the Sunset” and worked as a key make-up artist for and “Casino Royale 21”.

Kevin is also the Director of Bahamas Fashion Week and Bahamas Fashion Accessories Expo. Both events are the brain child of Fifth Avenue and for the past 14 years we have forced locals to produce goods (accessories)  manufactured here in the Bahamas for export.

As the owner of Fifth Avenue Group of Companies, Marketing, Cosmetics and Models and a freelance make-up artist and beauty educator, Kevin brings his energetic spirit, passion for artistry, unique style and charismatic personality to the classroom.

Your personal successes and career growth is very much dependent upon your own abilities, your attitudes, your determination and your skill. Of course at Fifth Avenue, it’s all about YOU!

We are pleased to have you join us! We feel confident that you will be a valuable addition to the Fifth Avenue Network. From the beginning, we hope that you will also feel a special pride in being associated with our organization.

As with any successful organization, some rules are necessary to protect and provide you with the best possible education and agency representation. The following pages will outline our Center Course, Rules and Regulations. Please read carefully and sign and return the course acknowledgment on the following pages.

If there is anything you do not understand, you are encouraged to ask your instructors for clarification.

Good luck and much success!!

Sincerely yours;

Office of the Director

We are pleased to afford you a first hand glimpse of the unique total  development that is the trademark of the Fifth Avenue Concept!

K. J. Strakan is the Founder of Fifth Avenue School of Modeling, with goals of becoming the most successful modeling and etiquette school in the Bahamas.  

We want to help put a new face on your future to!!!

The Concept is simple:
With a through understanding of the model and talent business, a keen eye at all times on the current fashion and entertainment market - and its trend, Fifth Avenue is capable of:

1. Evaluating each person individually to properly determine their own specific potentials.

2. Direct each person individually toward the specific areas in which they need to train and develop. 

3.  Offer the most creative and advanced training curriculum to insure that each persons learns just what they need to know, to give them the skills necessary to prepare them for a career in modeling, acting, make-up artistry or simply to help them learn to become the very best, most confident, self-assured person they can be.

4. Offer a comprehensive, full service, model and talent agency with national and international connections to best represent our models and talents; allowing them to be in the right places, at the right times, to be seen by the right people. 

5. Present statistics that prove our success in having our current graduates working in the model industry.

When you put together experience and success, combine it with proper evaluation techniques. excellent training and agency follow-ups with caring representation you have the Fifth Avenue Concept. 

 Welcome to our World!!!

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6:00pm           -           8:00pm           Basic Walk
We teach you the basic walk, turn and pivot. Various hand positions to use during your walk will also be instructed. 


6:00pm           -           9:00pm           Multi-Cultural Mineral Make-up 101
Women of color are the fastest growing segment in the beauty industry. Cosmetic marketers and hair stylist professionals need to be prepared by offering services and products designed specifically for all races and ethnic backgrounds. At these courses you will learn:

• How to evaluate skin tones

• How to select foundation and related products

• Custom blending foundation and powder

• The key to offering "every shade"

• How to avoid colors that look "ashy" and unnatural

• Specially designed cleansers to clean any skin type

• How to use cleansers as a facial.

From Runway to Reality: Supermodel make-up…  New Looks, Hot color trends, Professional products… we have it all. 
Our Master Make-up Artist will be interpreting runway looks and industry buzz into fashion-forward, yet wearable make-up for every skin color.

6:00pm           -           8:00pm           
Walk Techniques
All the posing techniques used equally show-off the model as well as the clothes the model is wearing to a prospective client; so that they may have an idea of how well the model projects in pictures.


6:00pm           -           9:00pm           
Aging Backwards
There is a way to handle this and its call Purification of the Mind, Body and Soul…

6:00pm           -           8:00pm           
Self Promotion, Personality & Etiquette

Mr. Manner’s secret to good manners is at home learn to respect other people’s privacy… Proper table etiquette and phone (Meet & Greet) manners.


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